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Tiny homes continue to be famous for many people. They see tiny homes as a viable way to own a smaller home.

Many people continue to like the tiny homes they see on the market. We also like small homes but appreciate many alternatives for the tiny home trend. Some of our favorite companies doing fantastic things and alternatives to tiny homes are Zennihome, Boxable, and Vantem Systems.

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Alternatives To Tiny Homes

Even though tiny homes have been a viable part of the real estate and housing market, living in a tiny home is not feasible for many people. One of the reasons is because of the space. They need more space than a tiny home will give them.

Increasingly, many states are starting to outlaw tiny homes or make it more difficult for people to get permission to build them. The reason is that the states are worried about zoning, safety, and other regulations.

You can read more about why some tiny homes are illegal in some states by reading our blog Why Are Tiny Homes Illegal? You can read more by clicking here.

Some companies are finding ways to produce legally smaller homes; we see this as a great solution and an alternative for a tiny house. Here are some of our favorites.


Zennihome continues to be one of our favorite homes. One of the reasons is simply the way the creators of the Zennihome use robotics to make a home feel more significant than it is.

We love this concept of being able to move walls, cabinets, beds, and other things to open space up in a home quickly. If you live alone or with another person, you may not always need the space you have.

Or maybe you have friends over, so if you want to open up space, we feel it is a great idea to have walls and other things that move so a room can easily be opened up for another use.

We love that Zennihome is working to make every inch of the home count. We also love and appreciate their sleek design and eco-friendly homes.

If you want to learn more about the Zenni home, you can read our blog Zennihome – An Alternative To A Tiny Home, by clicking here.

Boxabl Casita

We cannot talk about the tiny home without the Boxabl Casita. The Boxabl Casita is a home that unfolds in less than an hour and includes a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom area.

The Boxabl is a tiny home that was built to last. It has a solid, hurricane-rated, water-resistant, and fire-resistant construction, and it can handle all types of weather.

There are so many different ways that you can use Boxabl. You can stack it on top of a garage. You could even connect them. The Boxabl is an excellent concept for an alternative home. It also comes at a very fair price, under $50,000.

To learn more about Boxabl, you can read our blog Boxabl Modular Housing, Our Thoughts, by clicking here.

Vantem Systems

Vantem Systems is a new player in the US market. They have been mainly in South and Central America. They have been making alternatives to tiny homes for quite a while.

The most exciting part of Vantem is they got the prestigious finance from Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy ventures. Bill Gates and Breakthrough Energy Ventures see Vantem as a company working on Net Zero housing.

Breakthrough Energy Venture has already vetted Vantem as a viable company they feel is a solution to help homes reach Net Zero energy usage.

Vantem has already built millions of square feet of homes, just not in the United States. These homes have been tested in all conditions, from Chile earthquakes to Caribbean hurricanes.

All of the Vantem homes have been able to withstand all these harsh conditions with flying colors. That means that Vantem Homes will be a significant and vital player in all kinds of buildings.

We expect to see Vantem as a significant player in the tiny home alternatives but, more than that, as an essential company using new building technologies and offering Net Zero-ready homes.

These three of our favorite modular home companies are alternatives to a tiny home. We feel these are more viable than many of the tiny houses we have seen on the market. Also, we love that many of them are working with technology to ensure that you have a home that is not just high-tech but also Net-Zero.

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