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Anita Hummel

Anita Hummel

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Welcome to Real Estate Crunch, a dedicated space for insightful and accurate real estate knowledge. I’m Anita, an enthusiastic and experienced authority in home and real estate domain. With a rich background in home decor and furnishings, my expertise extends over many years, deeply rooted in the art of space transformation.

My career has been a journey through the intricate aspects of interior design, home decor products, and the broader scope of property. I possess a keen understanding of the nuances that make a house a home and a deep appreciation for the architectural potential of buildings.

My experience has equipped me with the skills to not only appreciate the aesthetic aspects of real estate but also understand its technical and other sides.

Join me as we navigate the ever-evolving world of real estate. From uncovering the latest design trends to demystifying the complexities of property investment, I aim to guide you through it all.

My goal is to share knowledge that not only intrigues but also empowers you to make informed decisions in your real estate ventures.

Let’s embark on this journey together, exploring the multifaceted wonders of real estate with a blend of creativity, expertise, and authoritative insight.

Really Fun Facts – Anita Hummel

  • Graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations.
  • Has an MMLCBLA, which is a lot of letters for a Master’s in Law, Chinese Business Law (Open University of Hong Kong)
  • Co-authored a book.
  • Guest speaker at various university and MBA programs.
  • Anita can be seen most days riding her Honda scooter around Hanoi.
  • Founded Project Sprouts, a grassroots charity organization that helps impoverished schools and students in North Vietnam.
  • Lived in Sundsvall, Sweden, during part of High School.
  • I spent one summer backpacking Europe.
  • Spent another summer backpacking in China.
  • Taught English in Taiwan for a summer.
  • Anita does a morning master’s fitness swim class but is still not a very good swimmer; she has to wear fins to keep up with the other swimmers.
  • Has an MSc, Masters in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School (Scotland)
  • Is a Doctorate Candidate in Strategic Planning.
  • Loves a life of travel and adventure.
  • On the Global Board of BYU Management Society.
  • Has been an ex-pat for over 30 years.
  • I rode a camel and discovered it is not as comfortable as it looks in the movies.
  • Has studied Chinese, Vietnamese and Swedish; knows enough in each language to get around and get in trouble.
  • An artist who loves to paint funky pictures of dogs, cats, and women of culture.
  • She spends many Saturday mornings cycling with friends around the countryside of Vietnam.
  • Has cycled Ragbrai, the annual bicycle ride through the USA state of Iowa, and discovered Iowa is not flat.
  • I cycled between the BYU’s which is from BYU Provo, Utah, to BYU Idaho and learned it was a crazy thing to do.
  • Loves any kind of good BBC murder mystery.
  • Is a news Junkie.
  • Loves YouTube.
  • Anita took flying lessons in Hong Kong.
  • Is a Foodie who loves good and exciting food.
  • Comes from a family of six girls and a home with one bathroom.
  • I love to sail but am not very good at it; I hope to become a better sailor one day.
  • Wrote a Book called ‘A Bus On A Dusty Road – Live Lessons From Living In Asia.” Can be found here.