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James Johnstone


Meet James Johnstone, a real estate investor whose Scottish heritage and business acumen, fostered at Edinburgh Business School with a Master’s degree, have paved his way to success in the United States. His academic prowess in business strategy and operations is just the tip of the iceberg. James is deeply entrenched in the world of creative design and home aesthetics, skills sharpened by his extensive product development experience in Asia’s vibrant markets.

An author at heart, James lends his voice to the digital realm, crafting articles that explore the intricacies of interior design and celebrate the transformative power of well-curated spaces. His insights are not just informed by his background in real estate investment, where he has developed a keen eye for property potential, but also by a global perspective on design and innovation.

Beyond writing and real estate, James is an ardent cyclist and a seeker of new experiences, with a penchant for both the tranquil art of sailing and the immersive journey through different cultures. Join him as he intertwines the art of living well with the art of investing wisely, sharing stories that resonate with the beauty of practical design and the thrill of exploration.