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We love and appreciate many modular home companies that are starting to develop some great new types of homes. One of the companies whose concepts we like is ZenniHome.

ZenniHome is an alternative to the tiny home trend. We love how they use robotics and smart technology to use every inch of the home. We also love their sleek, modern designs and modern interiors. We see the ZenniHome as an alternative to many of the tiny houses on the market.

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ZenniHome – An Alternative Style Tiny Home

One of the things that we love about the ZennHome is an alternative type of tiny home living. ZenniHome is very different than most tiny homes. If you want a minimalist tiny home type of living, – ZenniHome is a home you should consider.

Reasons We Love ZenniHome

ZenniHome has captivated the hearts and minds of many with its unique blend of innovation, functionality, and design. From its pioneering approach to sustainable living to its designs’ exceptional comfort and aesthetic appeal, we uncover the elements that make ZenniHome a beloved choice for modern homeowners and eco-conscious dwellers alike.

Here are some reasons why we love ZenniHome

Modern Sleek Look

We love the contemporary sleep look of ZenniHome. It was such a great look that it took ZenniHome one year to create its home designs.

Excellent Materials Being Used

The ZenniHome has a lot of superb materials. It is a steel frame with many added finishes, textures, colors, and technology to ensure you have the highest quality possible. This means the home is high-quality and uses some of the best materials and technology.

Smaller Home Means Less Energy, Less Eco-Footprint –

Zenni Home is smaller, so it is cheaper to heat and cool. It also means you will have less of an eco-footprint by living in a ZenniHome. A lot of the steel ZenniHome will use for their homes is recycled steel.

Latest Smart Technology

The world and homes are changing. ZenniHome is built with smart technology in mind as follows:

Robotic Walls

The ZenniHome comes with robotic walls. That means the walls and furniture can move and transform a room.

ZenniHome Has Many Green Features

One of the great things about ZenniHome is its many green features. Here are some of ZenniHome’s green and eco features that a ZenniHome may have. Many of these green features may be considered upgrades.

Solar Panels

They have factory-installed solar panels on your home.

Energy Storage

Lithium-ion backup batteries for energy storage.

Water Management

Gray and black water recycling for water management.

Atmospheric Water

The ZenniHome has atmospheric water extraction to reduce water dependence.

ZenniHome Is A Ready To Move In Home

One of the great concepts about ZenniHome is that the home is pretty much ready to move in. Here is what is included in the home:

Beds, sofa, table, and chairs

Kitchen Appliances



Washer and Dryer

Tankless Unlimited Hot Water

ZenniHome Has Smart Home Features

ZenniHome is redefining the concept of modern living with its advanced smart home features. ZenniHome integrates cutting-edge technology into its designs, enhancing convenience, efficiency, and security for homeowners.

From automated systems to intuitive controls, ZenniHome’s smart features simplify daily life and offer a glimpse into the future of residential living.

Smart Home Integrations Already In Place

The ZenniHome will be the home of the future. If you love technology and want a fully operational smart home, ZenniHome is your home. Here is what is also included in the ZenniHome so you can quickly integrate your technology

Google Home Hub Max

The Google Home Hub Max controls include a thermostat (Nest), audio speakers, a framed TV with air mode, smart lights, security and cameras (Ring), and digital door lock (Ultralog)integrations.

Looking at this list, you can see how the ZenniHome is more than just a tiny home. It is not like any other tiny home that is out there on the market. It is a home with many robotics and smart features to maximize every square inch of your home.

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ZenniHome’s New Way Of Living

ZenniHome is a new way of living. It is about taking a small space with a green and eco-friendly footprint and using every square in that space most efficiently. ZenniHome is a new concept built upon tiny home models to make a smaller home that works and is livable.

The ZenniHome website talks about the ZenniHome as a new way of living. They say the following:

Citzen and Denizen – are like LEGO blocks. They can be configured in limitless ways so you can build your perfect living arrangements ….We made the Tiny Home trend livable! ZenniHome is a 1950-sized home with robotics to make it feel three time bigger. Tiny Homes are a minimalist trend and use less materials but are too small to be practical for many homeowners.”


We love the concept of ZenniHome, which uses eco-friendly materials, allows walls to move as needed, and maximizes every square inch of space. We also love that you could have a bed that comes down from the ceiling in your living room.

The ZenniHome Citizen Model

Here are some photos of The ZenniHome Citizen Model;
You can check this link to learn more.

Our favorite ZenniHome model is the Citizen model. We love the look and design of the model and how it has some significant outdoor areas but a private entrance.

The citizen is 604 ft.², so it is smaller than many houses but, at the same time, can be configured to have one bedroom and a living area. We assume you could also probably have an extra bed in your living room in case you had someone come to stay; the bed could drop down from the ceiling for them to sleep during the night.

We love having a room that can be used for dual purposes. Let’s be honest: when you have a guest room, how often do your guests come, and how often do you need to use that room?

The great thing about the ZenniHome is that in most parts of the United States, it would not have a problem being classified as a tiny home and should be able to pass or meet most of the zoning or building codes.

To learn more about tiny homes and the zoning and building codes, read the blog Are Tiny Home Illegal? by clicking here.

If you want a tiny home but are unsure if you can live in the tiny space, we recommend that you look at the ZenniHome. The ZenniHome has found a way to make tiny home living workable.

You can find out more about ZenniHome by clicking here.

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