Real Stuff

We have curated some of our favorite “real stuff” to do with real estate—our very own hand-picked recommendations.



Alternative Living & Tiny Homes


We love the concept of ZenniHome and how they produce a high-tech smart home.

You can find out more about ZenniHome below:


We love how the Boxabl Unit is not only affordable but folds out in less than an hour.

You can find out more about Boxable below:

S2A Modular

We love the concept of S2A Modular homes that offer Net Zero. Check out their #GreenLuxHomes, which has a lot of great designs and homes – all Net Zero homes.


Vantem Systems has a brand new modular home building concept. All the homes they produce are Net Zero ready. We love the fact they have a new advanced system for building houses.


MyCabin offers you a Scandinavian design manufactured in the United States MyCabin is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cabin that provides Scandinavian Design.

Utah Real Estate Information

Arti Academics

A FREE online program to help you obtain your Utah or Nevada Realtors License.

You can find out more about Arti Academics below:

ERA Brokers

A Real Estate Brokerage firm in Utah, California, Nevada, and Texas. Contact them for your real estate brokerage needs.

You can find out more about ERA Brokers below:

Real Estate Information


The Zillow Real Estate online platform is a great way to check out Real Estate and property values.

You can find out more about Zillow below: