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There has been a lot lately about our environment and the impact each of us has on our ecosystem. That is why it is so interesting to see a housing company build sustainable homes that are electrically self-sufficient.

S2A Modular homes are building sustainable electrical homes. We love that they are working to find ways to save the environment while building homes that not only look great but are also self-sufficient when it comes to electricity. There are several ways they are doing this through solar panels and the Tesla Powerwall.

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S2A Modular Homes – Electrical Self-Sufficiency Homes

S2A modular home company is working to build sustainable clean energy homes that rely less on the power grid and utility companies. The homes S2A Modular build are homes that will be able to produce and generate their own electricity.

At S2A modular, they do not use gas or propane. Their goal is to build homes that produce clean energy.

Here is how they are doing this:

Solar panels and having a tesla power wall are not unique as many people have solar panels on their houses, but what makes this unique is that these home builders are building these homes to function entirely with the solar panels and the tesla power wall.

Many S2A Modular homes produce so much energy that they sell it back to utility companies.

S2A Homes And Sustainable Materials

Another part of S2A Modular that makes it unique is that they are engineering and building its homes with sustainable materials with low environmental impact.

S2A Modular is working to build homes that have organic materials in their production. As John Rowland, the founder of S2A Modular, told Forbes Magazine about his home and the sustainable materials they are using, he said:

“We wanted a healthier, holistic way to build the homes, …The interior of the homes is completely covered with organic, hemp-based material instead of gypsum. The stucco and finishes are made with organic material, which is mold and termite resistant, fire proof. It also lowers the transmission of CO2.”

John Rowland – Forbe Magazine Interview

S2A Modular – #GreenLuxHome

One of the things that we love about S2A Modular homes is that they do not look like modular homes. Building one of their homes will not look like a modular home or a home different from other homes in the neighborhood.

You can go onto their website and choose from up to 35-floor plans in all sizes; there are also all kinds of looks and styles.

We love the variety S2A Modular gives for their home designs. Here are some of our favorites:

#GreenLuxHome Model 6 –
951 Square Feet

We love how the #GreenLux Home Model 6 has two stories, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms, even though the total square footage is 951 ft.². This would be a great home to put on smaller land.

We love the windows being used as we feel like this will bring in some great light; we love the awnings and coverings on the building.

It is not often a home this size has a great room or kitchen with a high ceiling; that high ceiling will ensure that the room feels big yet cozy and not small.

We also love how there is a bedroom upstairs. It was a perfect home for a single person or couple. The 2nd room could be a guestroom/office.

#GreenLuxHome Model 13 – 1,791 Square Feet

We also love the #GreenLuxHome Model 13. This home has a more traditional look but what is great about the home layout is that everything is on one floor. There are three bedrooms, including a master suite and a small nook.

This home would be an excellent home for a small family, retired couple, or somebody who might need a room for a home office and a guestroom. This home has all you need a dining area, a living area nook, and the main bedroom.

We also like the home’s outer look as it will fit into almost any place in the United States. We appreciate that is also some deck space and other outside areas.

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#GreenLuxHome Model 2 – 2,922 Square Feet

If you want a larger home with lots of outdoor and indoor space, we love the #GreenLuxHome Model 2 with 2,922 square feet.

This home has four bedrooms, a study, a family room, and even a workshop. It has a large living room and kitchen area. But we also love how the home has many decks and other open spaces.

This will be great if you have a family or are looking for a home to build that could be rented out.

To find out more about the S2A Modular homes and designs, you can visit their website by clicking here. We love their concept of building homes that are sustainable yet environmentally responsible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is S2A Modular?

S2A Modular is a company that specializes in building sustainable electrical homes. They focus on constructing homes that are energy-efficient, self-sufficient in terms of electricity, and incorporate technologies such as solar panels and the Tesla Powerwall.

What makes S2A Modular homes sustainable?

S2A Modular homes are sustainable because they prioritize energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. By incorporating technologies like solar panels and the Tesla Powerwall, they reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease the carbon footprint of the homes.

How do S2A Modular homes generate electricity?

S2A Modular homes generate electricity through solar panels installed on the roof. These panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, which can be used to power the home’s electrical systems.

What is the Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery system designed to store electrical energy generated by solar panels. It allows homeowners to store excess electricity during the day for use during the night or when solar generation is low.

How does the Tesla Powerwall work in S2A Modular homes?

The Tesla Powerwall is integrated into the electrical system of S2A Modular homes. It stores surplus solar energy generated during the day and can power the home during periods of low solar generation or at night when sunlight is unavailable.

Can S2A Modular homes be completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity?

Yes, S2A Modular homes can be designed to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity. By combining solar panels, energy storage with the Tesla Powerwall, and energy-efficient systems, the homes can generate and store enough electricity to meet their energy needs.

What are the benefits of using solar panels in S2A Modular homes?

 Solar panels provide numerous benefits in S2A Modular homes. They reduce reliance on the electrical grid, lower electricity bills, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy independence, and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are the benefits of using solar panels in S2A Modular homes?

Solar panels provide numerous benefits in S2A Modular homes. They reduce reliance on the electrical grid, lower electricity bills, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy independence, and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Is S2A Modular Homes Legitimate?

S2A Modular is a legitimate company that makes factory-built homes. They now have factories throughout the United States. One of the things we appreciate about S2A Modular is how fast and efficiently they make homes while simultaneously trying to have an environmental impact on the world in which we live.

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S2A Modular Homes Review

We recommend S2A Modular Homes, especially if you are looking for a home that can be produced quickly, is cost-effective, and is also eco-eco-friendly. The S2A modular home is also made with organic materials, meaning they are mold termite resistant and fireproof.

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