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Some people are looking for homes with a tiny footprint or that are manufactured offsite in a factory setting. We recently heard about My Cabin, one of these homes.

My Cabin is a company from Latvia that has now set up manufacturing operations in the United States. They offer to use some great-looking Scandinavian design cabins. They offer three structures that can be sold individually or as a set – all with Scandinavian-inspired designs.

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About My Cabin Modular Homes

My Cabin is a modular home featured in Dwell Magazine, Designboom, and Yanko Design. All three magazines have articles about My Cabin’s concept and their great Scandinavian-inspired designs.

Here are a few things about My Cabin that make it a unique modular home compared to other modular home manufacturers already on the market.

Scandinavian Design – USA Built

My Cabin is a Lativa company that recently opened a factory in the United States, located north of Chicago, Illinois.

What is unique about My Cabin is they bring a tremendous Scandinavian design look to the United States. The cabins could be from Sweden, Denmark, or Norway. If you are looking for a small cabin with the best Scandinavian design, My Cabin is a modular home company you should look at.

Convenient And Easy Set-Up

Most of the homes are built offsite in a factory setting; my cabin homes will be easy to set up. In other words, they will produce most of the homes offsite and then deliver them to your property.

As My Cabin needs to be concerned about US Building Codes, they will help you navigate the building code issues you may find in your area.

Tiny Homes are not legal or have build code violations in some states. By clicking here. You can read more about this by reading our blog, Why Are Tiny Homes Illegal?

On their website, My Cabin states that measurements are estimated according to a US Code Review.

Alternative Tiny Home

The tiny home concept continues to be a trend that many people like. But the truth is that if you want to build your own tiny home, there can be US code, zoning, and other implications.

That is why we love the idea of the small modular units manufactured offsite in a factory and assembled on-site. These manufacturers understand all the US building codes and other aspects that have to do with the tiny homes they are producing.

They will not only save you money in the long run, but they will help you navigate what can sometimes be a very long and complicated real estate process.

We recommend that anyone considering building a tiny home talk to their local municipality to find out what zoning or other stipulations your state, city, or county may have on tiny homes.

3 Tiny PreFabriciated Structures

My Cabin offers three tiny prefabricated structures that work together on one property. One is a small home, another is a remote office, and the last is a sauna.

My Milla – The Home

My Milla

My Milla is a home with 270 feet of living space plus an 87-foot loft space. The My Milla unit has a kitchen, a full bath, and a comfortable sleeping area in the loft.

Kitchen Design Inside The My Milla House

Some of the things we love about My Milla are the high ceilings, which give it a feeling of being more significant than it is. The fact that there is a loft means that you have a designated sleeping area away from the house’s main floor.

In the true Scadinvidan style, they have designed the house with clean Scandinavian lines. Here are some of the aspects of the My Milla House:

I also noticed that a washer and dryer are missing, as many other smaller units have them. It could be that they did not include this because they feel this is more of a Cabin or holiday home, so people do not need it.

They said that My Cabin could be customizable, so you can remove what you do not want from a unit or add what you need.

My Kalmus – The Office

My Kalmus

The My Kalmus is essentially just a room without a toilet or facilities. It is called an office, but it could also be used as a bedroom.

Office Design At My Kalmus

My Kalmus is 12 feet by 15.5 feet or 185 square feet of living space. The significant part is that it has the same high roofs, light and airy windows, and doors. It has an authentic Scandinavian design.

My Galia – Sauna

My Galia – Sauna

In true Scandinavian fashion, My Cabin offers a sauna. We love the concept of being able to buy a sauna, especially if you live in the colder part of the United States that has snow.

I have long been a fan of saunas since I lived in Sweden, and the family I lived with had a sauna in their home. There is nothing like cross-country skiing in the snow and coming home to sit in your sauna.

Sauna At My Galia

My Galia – Sauna is 12 feet by 9.1 feet or 80 feet of space. It comes complete as a Sauna with a Sauna stove and Sauna benches. I do not know of any other modular companies offering a sauna that you can put on your property as part of their setup.

We feel My Cabin is an excellent option for someone looking for a cabin or looking to have some property for rental or Airbnb buildings on their property.

My Cabin is a new company on the market that I will watch. I love their concept of Scandinavian-style homes that you can buy individually or as one kit. You can find out more about My Cabin by checking their website here.

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Why Are Tiny Homes Illegal?

Many states are starting to regulate tiny homes or make most tiny houses illegal. Of course, this can change from state to state, city to city, and county to county. The best way to know whether or not a tiny home is allowed on your land is to go to your local municipality and ask them what the zoning regulations are and any building code requirements.

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ZenniHome – An Alternative To A Tiny Home

ZenniHome is an alternative to tiny homes. We love how they use robotics and smart technology to make every inch work for you. We also love their sleek, modern designs and modern interiors.

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