Traditional Social Media Tactics Won't Work For Real Estate

Traditional Social Media Tactics Won’t Work For Real Estate

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Social media has become the go-to platform for many businesses and individuals seeking new customers and clients. But is traditional social media truly effective for real estate agents?

The profession of a real estate agent heavily relies on networking and building contacts. While social media can be one way to connect with potential clients, it might not necessarily be the most effective. Let’s delve deeper into why traditional social media might not be the ideal route for most real estate professionals.

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Why Traditional Social Media Tactics Won’t Work For Real Estate Agents?

Social media’s significance for real estate agents cannot be denied. But there’s a lingering question: Why is there a disconnect if the audience is present?

Despite social media’s recognized importance, lead generation remains challenging without a robust, brand-consistent strategy.

Selling A Property Online

Over 52% of realtors have asserted, “Social media tops the tech tools for lead generation.” While numerous tech tools are available to realtors, from personal websites to email marketing and MLS, the majority underscored the unmatched potential of social media in sourcing high-quality leads.

However, the potential doesn’t translate to success without effort.

The Major Challenge Real Estate Agents Encounter On Social Media

Having an active social media presence doesn’t equate to successful lead generation. The primary stumbling block?

Lack Of A Well-defined Strategy

The prevalent trend among agents is to post property images and anticipate inquiries sporadically. This randomness and lack of optimization to guide leads through a conversion funnel, like email subscriptions or inquiry forms, can be counterproductive.

Also, it is time for other agents to do social media well. It also means you must be willing to put in consistent time, effort, and engagement.

A misaligned approach can inadvertently repel leads and conflict with platform algorithms.

The Missteps In Rescue Tactics In Social Media

To salvage their social media standing, agents often employ tactics that are more of a miss than a hit:

Teasing Listings:

Only partially revealing property details or over-emphasizing exclusivity might intrigue some, but more effective methods exist to cultivate a loyal audience and generate leads.

Influencer Partnerships:

Engaging influencers can momentarily amplify listing visibility. However, once the influencer campaigns wrap up, many followers retreat, recognizing a lack of genuine value.

Content Overload:

Excessive posting can dilute the message. Sharing unrelated DIY content might not resonate unless it complements a new property or is seamlessly integrated with your real estate blog.

Merely showcasing your brand isn’t sufficient. Given the fierce competition in real estate, establishing a memorable digital presence necessitates more than a visually appealing profile.

Why These Tactics Are Unsuccessful And Not The Path Forward

Although practical individually, most tactics falter when not embedded within a broader strategy.

Let’s say a real estate agent taps into influencer marketing. Without a concrete strategy, the sudden surge in followers can become overwhelming, leading to a rapid decline in engagement.

Posting content that doesn’t resonate with your values or lacks brand consistency will eventually be a recipe for a faltering social media presence.

However, it’s not all bleak. You can ensure your social media initiatives flourish by crafting a well-thought-out marketing strategy that aligns with your overarching business objectives and synchronizes with all your marketing endeavors!

Crafting An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting a social media strategy is much like building a puzzle. But there is good news: every real estate agent can do things to have an effective social media strategy.

Strategies In Selling Your Property Online

No matter how small, every piece of the marketing puzzle contributes to the bigger picture of your online marketing endeavors. So, how do you design this blueprint for digital success?

Here are some steps to help you define a better social media marketing strategy.

Define Your Marketing Objective:

Start with setting clear goals—for instance, target acquiring 2 new clients monthly via your chosen platform. Then, keep track of your ROI or Return On Investment in Social Media.

Optimize Your Social Media Platform:

It’s crucial to concentrate on mastering one platform before diving into others. So, pick the platform you feel you can master and where most of your clients will be.

Identify Your Brand Voice And Audience:

Outline your core values offerings, and pinpoint your target demographic. If you’re unsure, invest time in research to understand your audience’s preferences.

As part of your professional brand, you must also decide how much you will show of your private life. If you have a family, you may want to show a few family photos to show your clients you understand their family and school needs.

Set yourself and your brand as an expert in your space so that people can relate to you and your brand.

Scout The Competition:

Understand the digital landscape by analyzing your competitors. This will give you insights and help you carve a unique niche.

Chart Out Your Content Blueprint:

Visual content is the king of social media—design infographics, videos, or images that resonate with the platform’s nature and engage your audience.

Programs such as Canva or Abode Express are elementary to learn, and they help you make your social media look professional.

Plan Ahead:

Decide a posting schedule, whether you’re looking at a week, a month, or a quarter. Also, evaluate if you can invest time in interacting with your followers, as engagement is critical.

Today, Meta Business can help you schedule posts on both Instagram and Facebook. We love this took and use it a lot.

Deep Dive into Engaging Authentically:

Scroll down to discover the eight golden rules for stellar online engagement.s As engagement online is what is essential. Social media gives you a chance to talk to and meet others.

Eight Rules For Engaging Your Social Media Audience:

You can use some basic rules for customer engagement on social media. Here are some of the basic rules for engagement on social media.

Master One Platform First:

Before spreading out, get a solid grasp of one platform. This focused approach allows you to connect and bond with your audience genuinely.

If, for some reason, you were going to use two platforms, the two we like as they are easy to post via Facebook’s Meta are Facebook and Instagram.

Educate To Empower:

Please don’t assume your audience knows it all. Please share your knowledge to inform and guide them. And make sure you give them things they want to hear.

You can even talk about top areas, ratings of schools in the area, why an area is popular, etc.

Portray Yourself As An Industry Maven:

Confidence is key. Share your expertise, experiences, and unique insights to set yourself apart. Let people see you as an open, friendly, and industry expert.

Strengthen Your Brand Authority:

Maintain a consistent brand voice and image to emerge as a credible and trustworthy expert. And let people know and understand your brand and who you are.

Balance Promotion With Value:

Avoid turning your profile into a sales billboard—Intermingle listings with beneficial content like home-staging techniques or insights on choosing mortgage brokers.

Forge Genuine Relationships:

Engage genuinely with your followers. Share success stories, partake in community events, and foster online and offline connections.

Limit Self-Promotion:

While it’s okay to celebrate milestones, excessive self-promotion or boasting can alienate followers. People like people who are genuine and they feel they can relate to.

Stay Tuned To Your Audience’s Pulse:

Use your platform as a listening tool. Run polls, ask questions, and tap into your community’s needs and aspirations.

Following this guide, you can tailor a strategy that boosts your online presence and fosters genuine connections and lasting relationships.

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