Preparing To Sell: Exterior Home Projects On The ROI

Preparing To Sell: Exterior Home Projects On The ROI

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When gearing up to sell your home, the exterior can be as significant as the interior. The exterior part of your home can give your home a great curb appeal.

Many exterior projects can yield as valuable returns as interior upgrades. Elements like a new roof or a simple power wash can dramatically influence your home’s return on investment when it hits the market. Let’s delve deeper to uncover the potential ROI of various exterior endeavors.

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Preparing To Sell: Exterior Home Projects And Their ROI

When selling a home, the interior often takes center stage. However, the exterior is equally, if not more, significant. After all, it’s the first impression potential buyers get when they approach a property.

The curb appeal can set the tone for the entire home viewing experience, influencing buyers’ perception before they step inside.

We will delve into some critical exterior home projects and evaluate their return on investment (ROI) to guide sellers in making informed decisions.

1. Roof Replacement – 288% ROI

The roof is not just a functional component of a home; it’s also a significant aesthetic feature. A worn-out or damaged roof can deter potential buyers, as it often indicates underlying issues and future expenses.

Conversely, a new roof gives the impression of a well-maintained property and offers peace of mind to buyers regarding long-term durability. With an impressive ROI of 288%, replacing an old roof can be a wise investment.

It boosts the home’s curb appeal and adds tangible value by ensuring the property’s safety and longevity.

2. Landscaping – 251% ROI

A well-manicured lawn, vibrant flowerbeds, and strategic greenery can transform a home’s exterior dramatically. Landscaping projects offer a 251% ROI, which indicates their impact on a property’s appeal.

Beyond aesthetics, thoughtful landscaping can provide shade, improve privacy, and reduce energy costs. A lush, verdant exterior suggests to potential buyers that the home has been lovingly cared for.

Furthermore, attractive landscaping can set a property apart from others in the neighborhood, making it more memorable for those house hunting.

3. New Deck Build – 147% ROI

Outdoor spaces have become increasingly valuable, especially in the era of social distancing and increased home time. Building a new deck extends the living space and offers an area for relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor dining.

With a 147% ROI, a deck is a feature that potential buyers appreciate and a profitable investment. It symbolizes additional functional space and is often visualized by potential buyers as a place for gatherings, barbecues, or simply enjoying a sunset.

4. Power Washing – 135% ROI

Over time, a home’s exterior can accumulate dirt, mold, and grime, leading to a tired and worn-out appearance. Power washing is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to rejuvenate a property’s exterior.

With an ROI of 135%, it’s a testament to the importance of presenting a clean, fresh facade to potential buyers. Whether it’s the siding, driveway, or walkways, a thorough power wash can make surfaces look brand new, enhancing the overall impression of meticulous home maintenance.

5. Deck Refresh – 124% ROI

If a home already has a deck, it might not require a complete rebuild. Sometimes, a refresh, which could involve resealing, staining, or repairing minor damages, is all needed to revive its appearance and functionality.

A deck refresh yields an ROI of 124%, making it a worthwhile endeavor for sellers. Like interior floors, the deck’s condition can reflect the overall care given to a property.

A refreshed deck assures buyers of its longevity and offers a welcoming space for outdoor enjoyment.

The exterior of a home is a visual storyteller. It narrates the care, attention, and love invested in a property. As sellers prepare to put their homes on the market, prioritizing exterior projects can lead to higher ROIs and more competitive listing prices.

The power of first impressions cannot be overstated, and a captivating exterior can be the key to drawing potential buyers in and sealing the deal.

9 Reasons The Exterior Is As Crucial As The Interior When Selling Your Home

When it’s time to sell your home, focusing on the interior is uncomplicated. After all, that’s where you’ve made memories, shared laughs, and spent countless hours.

But, the exterior holds equal significance in the eyes of potential buyers.

Here are nine compelling reasons why the outside of your home is just as vital as the inside:

  1. First Impressions Matter: The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, either in listing photos or when they drive up for a viewing. A positive first impression can set the tone for the entire visit.
  2. Curb Appeal Draws Interest: Homes with strong curb appeal tend to attract more potential buyers, resulting in more viewings and, in turn, potentially quicker sales.
  3. It Reflects Overall Maintenance: A well-maintained exterior often suggests to buyers that the home’s interior is well cared for. Conversely, a neglected outside can be a red flag, signaling potential hidden issues.
  4. Outdoor Living Space: In today’s market, outdoor spaces are highly valued. A beautiful patio or garden can be seen as an extension of the living space, providing an area for relaxation and entertainment.
  5. Landscape Matters: A well-landscaped yard adds beauty and can increase the home’s value. It can also provide environmental benefits, such as improved drainage and reduced heat.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Upgraded windows, well-maintained siding, or a new roof can affect a home’s energy efficiency. Buyers today are increasingly environmentally conscious and may be willing to pay more for homes that promise lower energy bills.
  7. Safety And Security: A well-lit exterior, sturdy doors, and modern security features can offer potential buyers peace of mind about their safety and the safety of their possessions.
  8. Neighborhood Consistency: Buyers often want a home that fits the aesthetic of its surroundings. An exterior that aligns with the neighborhood’s character can appeal to those wanting both individuality and community consistency.
  9. Emotional Connection: Just as the interior resonates emotionally, the exterior can. A picturesque porch or inviting garden can evoke feelings of coming home, drawing potential buyers into a deeper connection with the property.

While the interior of a home showcases its character, the exterior establishes its presence. Balancing the attention between the two ensures that sellers present a holistic, inviting picture to potential buyers, maximizing the chances of a successful sale.

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