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I recently came across a new, exciting way of living called co-op farm-steading. This is a new and interesting way of looking at a community.

Farm-steading is about joining a like-minded group in a farmer’s co-op to work the land. In other words, you buy your land together and join the community to work the land for living and agricultural purposes. There is a new community in Utah called Riverbed Ranch, whose primary focus is working the land and growing fruits and vegetables; Riverbed Ranch also requires the residents to build net-zero homes.

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What Is A Farm-steading Co-Op?

Farmsteading is a new way of living. Residents will buy a 2-acre lot of land but agree to do some things, such as farm their land.

This is a new way to live and farm the land sustainably. In other words, you join a community with like-minded individuals where you all work together, and then you work in processing the ground together as a tiny farm unit.

Farm-steading could be interesting for somebody looking to live off the grid, enjoy farming, be out in nature, and want to be part of a community. This would be a great way to be able to live off the grid while at the same time having nearby community support.

About Riverbed Farm-steading, Utah By OSR Community Coop

A new Farmsteading community is springing up in Utah. I ran across this community, and it piqued my interest. I love some of the things they are doing, in particular, making sure the houses are net zero energy efficient and that the land is used productively.

The purpose of the community is for people to grow some of their fruits and vegetables for their consumption. The concept is not having to rely upon others but about being as self-sufficient as you can be.

Riverbed Ranch is a nonprofit co-op. Those who started the co-op are not making money on it; the co-op land owners will join together as shareholders and all share in the profit of the co-op.

It is a new way of living where your neighbors will decide if you can join in the co-op with them, and you all join together for your business, agriculture, and other interests. I could see how this could be an excellent way for you to find a community of like-minded individuals.

Here is what you agree to build when you join the Riverbed Community Coop.

Have a solar panel home at Riverbed Ranch, Utah
Build your barn at Riverbed Ranch, Utah
Build their farm to sustain their needs.

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The main point of the farmstead is that they want the land to be productive. You can work your land to make it productive or allow someone else to do so. You do not have to live on your land; it needs to be agriculturally productive.

In the agreement, the co-op members agreed to grow fruits and vegetables; the excess the co-op will then sell for shared profits.

To ensure that members are also able to farm while at the same time working remotely, the area has set up some high-speed Internet access. So, in reality, you could work remotely with your job while at the same time running a small farm or homestead.

The community Riverbed community is now just starting. Still, they plan to open things such as a welcome center, horseback riding, mountain biking trails, parks, schools, retirement centers, and other community centers.

The goal of Riverbed is to have a community within a community. They also want an area that will allow for RV camping so that people can come camping there and visit the community.

The Riverbed co-op community is not just about you and your land but more about neighbors in a community working together. It is about you all joining together as shareholders and working to make the community a better place.

If you are interested in Riverbed Ranch in Utah, you can find out more by visiting their website by clicking here.

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