Net Zero Home Vs. Net Zero Ready Home Explained

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New words in the housing and real estate market are “Net Zero.” There can be a bit of confusion as to precisely what Net Zero and Net Zero Ready may mean.

A Net Zero is a home creating as much energy as it expands. In other words, the house can create enough power to not depend upon the utility companies for any of their electrical needs. A Net Zero Ready home means a home that is not yet Net Zero compliant. The net-zero-ready house could quickly be turned into a net-zero home with additional facilities, usually solar panels and a battery backup system.

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Net Zero Home Vs. Net Zero Ready Home Explained and Clarified

Sometimes you may hear the term net zero home or a zero ready home. They may sound the same but are not precisely the same and have two different meanings.

What Is A Net Zero Home?

A Net Zero Home is a home that produces as much energy as it consumes. In other words, the house does not rely upon the utility company to provide them with energy.

Just because somebody puts a few solar panels on the roof does not mean they have a net zero home because Net Zero has to do with a home that does not rely all on the utility company to provide their electricity.

It does not mean they are not connected to the utility companies’ electricity, as most Net Zero homes are still attached to the utility companies’ utility services. A Net Zero home means they are not relying upon the utility company to give them electricity; they are generating their own, usually through solar panels.

Furthermore, for someone to have a Net Zero home also means that they probably have had to do other things with the home, such as the windows and ensuring the home is sealed up. The house would have no unnecessary drafts, high-tech appliances, a sound HVAC system, and enough solar panels and battery backups.

You can find out more about all the steps that need to be taken to ensure a home is net zero by reading our blog “Net Zero Home – What It Means For Your Traditional Home” by clicking here.

As you read that blog, you can see that a person must take many expensive steps to ensure the home is Net Zero.

What Is A Net Zero Ready Home?

Another term we have heard some companies use is that their homes are in Net Zero Ready Home. In particular, the Vantem Systems company says they are building homes with net zero ready.

Net Zero Ready Home is different from having a net zero home. When the builders say that your home is Net Zero Ready, you could easily do so if you want to make it into a Net Zero Home.

When a home is Net Zero Ready, the home’s structure, the windows, and all the other systems will easily convert your home to become net zero readily. But the home will not have solar panels, batteries, or other things on the home for the house to be NetZero compliant.

If you want your home to be a Net Zero Home, you will need to pay additional money for the solar panel systems and other things for your home to be fully net zero.

But it also means you were buying a house ready to become Net Zero.

Why Is Net Zero Important?

The question that a lot of people want to know is, why is Net Zero even critical? Why should it matter if my home is Net Zero or even Net Zero Ready?

Net Zero is essential because it is one of the top ways we can all sit to tackle climate change. Net zero helps us to be able to reduce global warming.

By having a Net Zero Home, you are not only helping to save energy usage, but you are also helping with unnecessary waste. Having a sustainable home and limiting your carbon footprint helps save the environment.

Not only are you saving on your utility and other bills, but you are also helping to save the environment by eliminating greenhouse gases and reducing your carbon footprint. That is why a Net Zero Home makes sense in our world today.

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