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Having a Net-Zero home has become one of the new buzzwords for many people in the home construction and real estate industry. When we see a company actively building NetZero homes, we like to review them and how they accomplish this. is building Net-Zero homes to ensure that your energy needs can all be met through your use of solar panels. They have homes that can be entirely off the grid. does this through their exclusive designs and building process to ensure that you have a home that is energy efficient and comfortable all year round in any weather.

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CABN is a relatively new and young company in the home building market that is working to build Net-Zero homes. A Net-Zero home is essentially a home that will generate as much electricity as the home will need.

One of their home design, called Son-der Design

As we have written in this blog, building a Net-Zero home is not as simple as putting a few solar panels on your roof. A house that can generate as much electricity as it needs requires that the entire home look at being Net-Zero Compliant.

Everything in the home needs to be looked at, from the roof to the walls to the floors to the entire home structure. Even things such as the windows in the appliances need to be able to be Net-Zero compliant.

Another home design called Mor-ii Design

CABN it’s certainly not one of the first companies on the market to do this, nor will it be the last company. But there are several things that they are doing that we like and appreciate, such as their design and how their homes look.

CABN About Building A Net-Zero Home

There are a few things that CABN is doing to ensure that they can build Net-Zero homes that can be placed anywhere in the world. Essentially this means that the homes can ultimately be off the grid.

Here are a few ways that is ensuring their homes are Net-Zero homes:

CABN Homes That Live Sustainably

CABN is a company that sustains net zero living through its design process. They are designing buildings that allow the buildings to maximize output and energy efficiency.

They are accomplishing sustainability in how they energy and design. The energy-informed design ensures that the cabin maintains a comfortable indoor living of 69 degrees F to 75 degrees F or (21 degrees C to 24 degrees C). The CABN homes can be comfortable with minimal energy requirements; in other words, the homes are energy efficient.

CABN Homes Offer Balanced Living

The CABN homes also offer balanced living. And they do this in several ways to ensure that the homes are Net-Zero homes:

CABN Designed To Connect To Nature

One of the great things about CABN is that it allows you to connect to nature while living off the grid. That means their homes are built with connectivity while allowing you to live in nature.

The home has a built-in internet system that allows residents to be connected no matter where they are.

CABN says one of the design principles they use is a biophilic design that emphasizes human adaptions to the design world. CABN uses nature and design together to give you the best home possible.

CABN Can Be Off-The-Grid

One new concept with housing is to be off the grid, or in other words, not to depend upon the utility companies for any of your needs. Cabn housing can be off the grid, or in other words, it can be placed almost anywhere in the world.

Their team will work with you to analyze the best environmental conditions and natural features to ensure that your home can be used in the best way possible and your location of choice.

As CABN said on their website:

“CABN.CO builds energy-efficient smart homes for unique locations worldwide, allowing you to live anywhere, whether it’s an addition to your home in the city or a new home on a remote island.”


We like’s new way of building. It is about looking to have a sustainable lifestyle while at the same time living with a Net-Zero impact. We see this as a future lifestyle of responsible living.

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