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Many modular home companies are coming onto the United States market. One of the new and interesting ones is called Vantem Modular Homes.

Vantem Modular Home is a new building system; homes are made of cement panels. Their main advantage is that they can quickly build net zero-efficiency homes. Vantem’s new building system has been building these homes for 15 years throughout the world but is now entering the United States market.

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Vantem’s Systems For Modular Homes

Vantem Building Systems is a company that has been in South and Central America and now coming to the United States as they won lead investments from Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Venture. Vantem primarily focuses on building Net Zero Energy efficient homes and buildings.

Even though they are new to the United States, they are not new to the Net Zero Energy or building market. For over 15 years, they built millions of square feet of homes, schools, hotels, and other buildings.

Vantem has tested its homes in various conditions from Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

Cement Type Boards – Make Vantem’s Building Systems Unique

Vantem is unique from other modular building systems because they use a cement-type board modular system. Here are a few things about their cement boards and building systems:

Many feel Vantem’s building is a new way to look at the entire housing and home-building market.

Chris Anderson, the CEO of Vantem, said this about their receiving funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Quadrant Management, and TEM Capital when he said this:

“We are excited to have the support of investors who share in our goal of meeting affordable housing needs while reducing energy and carbon emissions impacts…Construction in this sector has seen the least amount of innovation and productivity gains and is one of the greatest direct and indirect sources of carbon emissions. At the same time, affordable housing is a global need that must be addressed, but if we build with traditional methods, we will solve one problem only to worsen another. At Vantem, we are committed to addressing both challenges on a global scale.”

Chris Andersen – CEO Vantem

Vantem is working to solve the affordable housing market issue and build homes with zero carbon emissions, impact, or footprint. Vantem feels that their new way of building homes can help to address this challenge.

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Vantem’s High-Efficiency Net Zero Homes

One of Vantem’s advantages is its ceramic-type panels. They can build very highly efficient homes that are Net Zero Homes; they can do this because they won funding through Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

In speaking of the Vantem building system and why Breakthrough Energy Ventures decided to invest in Vantem System, Carmichael Roberts from Breakthrough Energy Ventures said:

“Vantem’s approach allows the production of high-efficiency and net-zero homes at extremely competitive costs and low embodied carbon.”

Carmichael Roberts – Breakthrough Energy Ventures

With the new investment, Vantem has plans to build 15 factories in the United States over the next seven years. Each factory will be able to produce a million square feet of homes per year or for a total of 15 million square feet in a year or 10,000 new homes per year if each is 1,500 square feet.

And all these homes will be Net Zero energy efficiency homes.

Vantem’s Look And Feel Of Traditional Homes

One advantage of Vantem’s building systems is that the homes can still look and feel like traditional homes and a house with a more modern feel.

The Vantem panels allow the home to be painted and have stucco or all different types of finishes. So the cement panels do not limit what kind of exterior or interior you can put on your home. I appreciate this because if you build one of their homes or consider one, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood.

Vantem claims they will do all this by offering low-cost and affordable housing to the United States Market. If you want to learn more about some modular home companies, we recommend you check out our Real Stuff page by clicking here.

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