Vantem Modular Homes Fund By Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy

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Vantem is an exciting new company in the modular home market. Vantem is building Net Zero-ready homes.

Vantem has a unique panel building system using a cement-like tile to build Net-Zero High-efficiency homes. They have secured funding from Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures, whose primary focus is to fund companies using innovation to increase sustainable energy and net zero energy dependence.

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Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Now Funds Vantem Modular Homes

Vantem Systems is a new modular home manufacturer entering the US market. They have a unique building system using cement-like tiles that ensure the homes are Net Zero energy efficient.

Usually, Net Zero homes are pretty expensive to build. Net Zero homes require advanced building systems and top-notch engineering. Most people cannot afford that, but Vantem and their new system and way of building hope to change that.

Vantem uses a new type of building, a house that will use a cement-like tile between two structural boards. The result is that you have a structurally sound home that is highly energy efficient.

In speaking of their unique building technique, Chris Anderson, the CEO of Vantem, said this:

“You don’t need to reinforce it with steel, wood, or anything else; it can be loaded for your walls, for your floor, for your roof. That’s what we do: We make the entire box of these prefabricated modular units out of these panels.”

Chris Anderson – CEO Vantem

The result is that the buildings are affordable as they save on materials and labor, and energy efficiency as they are very tightly built for high energy efficiency and hurricane, earthquake, and fire resistance.

They claim with their new methods, their homes are 50% faster to build than many other kinds of housing or building while being 20% less expensive.

With the addition of solar panels, these homes become Net Zero homes. The company does not usually include solar panels, so the homes are Net Zero-ready homes that can be converted with solar later.

What is unique about Vantem is that they have secured significant funding through Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy.

Breakthrough Energy And Vantem’s Housing

One of the reasons for an investment in a Modular Home Company by Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy is that Breakthrough Energy will only invest in companies and organizations that they feel the aim is to use innovation to increase sustainable energy and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Vantem’s process of vetting through Breakthrough Energy Ventures shows that they see Vantem’s method of building homes with their cement-like panels as a viable solution for Net Zero energy efficiency. Vantem has been able to pass the stringent test of Breakthrough Energy.

As Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures said about Vantem:

“Vantem’s approach allows the production of high-efficiency and net-zero homes at extremely competitive costs and low embodied carbon.”

Carmichael Roberts – Breakthrough Energy Ventures

VantemModular Net Zero High-Efficiency Homes

Vantem has a unique approach to building affordable Net Zero high-efficiency energy homes. One of their focuses is to have all the homes that do not have solar panels on them be Net Zero ready.

This means that they can make the home more affordable, and you can add solar panels for future use.

Their home-building systems remind me of the Lego toys building system, where you have all these panels that you snap or put into place so they fit together perfectly. It is fantastic engineering but also allows the factories to build homes efficiently.

Their panels can also stack and handle loads, so they can use them to build facilities such as apartment blocks and hotels.

Here are some aspects of these unique building system panels and why Breakthrough Energy Ventures has decided to invest in Vantem:

Vantem is one of the more innovative companies entering the modular housing market. Not only do they have the unique panel system, but they have been able to get funding from Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy, which shows that they have been vetted as a company that is genuinely looking to have Net Zero energy high-efficiency homes.

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