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Prefabricated Housing Trends

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As affordable housing continues to be a massive problem in the United States and worldwide, we predict that prefabricated housing will become more critical in the years to come.

Prefabricated housing is a house that is made offsite and then brought to the site for final assembly. Many consider prefabricated housing to offer advantages that onsite housing does not have.

Prefabricated Housing

As we look ahead, we see many prefabricated housing trends taking hold. Every week we hear about a new and exciting company that has entered this space.

There are many reasons why we like the prefabricated housing market – one is, of course, affordability.

We love some of the cool and attractive designs we are seeing out there in the prefabricated housing market, and we see it as a way to ease what is now a complex housing crisis and market.

Here are some of the top trends we see for prefabricated housing. These are trends that we see are going to continue.

Variety Of Prefabricated Housing

As more people enter this prefabricated marketplace, there will be more variety. The problem is affordable housing, and as that continues to be a massive problem for many people and many areas of the United States, we see more people moving into the prefabricated housing space.

With more variety also comes the chance that if you are looking for an affordable house, you will find the layout and home you want, made pre-fab. You will not need to find an architect or designer, but instead, you can find what you wish to all ready to go.

What is also exciting about many prefabricated homes is that many top designers and architects are getting on board for this market – especially the compact or tiny home market. Many see this as a way to bring in some fresh new ideas to the housing market.

As these top professionals continue to look at the prefabricated housing space, they will also make and design homes like never seen before. We are starting to now see this at every price point for the prefabricated houses.

Affordability Of Prefabricated Homes

As many of the new factories that have come to the prefabricated housing space, those factories should become more efficient and effective in their home production. This could mean that as the economies of scale are set into their manufacturing facilities, they will produce a better home at a lower cost.

We have seen this in manufacturing in China. Even today, there are many products that China can produce at a lower price than anyplace else due to their economies of scale advantages. As more home builders get into the prefabricated building space, this should also happen to production in the prefabricated homes.

Also, as factories start to make more homes, they will better utilize all their raw materials. This will help them also ensure to offer lower prices.

Easing of Restrictions On Where To Put Homes

One of the most significant drawbacks of prefabricated housing is that many places or city ordinances will not allow for prefabricated housing. But as the housing crisis continues, many cities may be forced to relook at this and change their outdated laws.

As long as the prefabricated housing market shows that their manufactured homes are up to standard or even exceed the local standards or requirements, these laws should change.

The change to allow these homes is now changing. Oakland, California, recently altered and allows all manufactured homes on city lots. Nevada had changed tiny homes to accessory homes or primary dwelling units. We feel these examples are just the beginning.

Off The Grid Prefabricated Homes

We also see a trend for more off-the-grid prefabricated homes. For example, in Utah, you can buy land, but the land does not always give you water rights.

With new technology, some people are solving this issue with systems that will pull water out of the moisture in the air, solar panels for electricity, and waste systems.

These are all technologies that people use today to have a entirely off the grid home. We see this trend as significant, especially for very rural or off-the-grid areas and people looking for a second home solution that is off the grid.

Smart Homes With The Latest Technology

One of the most exciting aspects of prefabricated housing is the ability to offer its customers a brilliant home and use the latest technology at very affordable prices. The prefabricated housing market can do this as they buy this technology in bulk, allowing them to save.

There are also intelligent homes such as ZenniHome that use robotic furniture so that you can have more in a small space. Your walls and closets can move, and your bed can come off the ceiling. All this allows for an intelligent home with high-tech furniture at a very affordable price.

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