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Every week there seems to be a new company producing new and unique modular homes to solve the housing crisis. We are impressed with how many of these companies are using high technology.

Azure Printed Homes is a new home manufacturer in the housing market. They use 3-D Printed technology to print homes or accessory dwelling units (ADU) out of recycled plastics. Due to how they manufacture their homes, they claim to be more affordable than traditional housing manufacturers.

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Azure Printed Homes – A New Type Of Home Construction

Azure Printed Homes is a new type of home construction. Many in the industry feel like the way we produce homes now is a very old-fashioned method and that there are better methods of manufacturing homes.

Azure Printed Homes has taken on the challenge of producing high-quality homes at an affordable price while using technology as the main driving force.

On their website, they speak about their unique process of home construction when they say:

“Azure Printed Homes is changing the construction industry by leveraging the revolutionary gains made in 3D printing technology and harnessing the power of recycled plastic polymers to prefabricate backyard studios and offices, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), and homes 70% faster and 20-30% less expensive than existing construction methods.”

Azure Printed Homes Website

Here are some points that make Azure Printed Homes Unique:

Azure Printed Homes Uses 3-D Printing Technology

Azure printed home uses 3-D printed technology to produce their homes. As a customer, you design your custom home as a backyard studio or home with all the colors, finishes, and details you prefer. You do this in their 3-D configuration.

The 3-D configuration will allow you to see and get a feel for the home and how the house will look with all the finishes and other things within the home.

Once you confirm the configuration and design of your home, the self-supporting structure of your home will be 3-D printed within 24 hours based on your exact specifications.

Azure Printed Homes Uses Recycled Materials

One thing that makes Azure Printed Home unique is, like many of the other modular home companies we have been seeing, they are trying to find a way to not only produce homes but also save the environment.

The construction sector of the world continues to be one of the more significant pollutants. It is estimated that 20% of the world’s carbon emissions are due to the construction industry.

Azure Printed Home proposes a way to change this by using recycled plastic polymers in their 3-D printing and fabrication process.

Azure Printed Homes Can Produce Homes Faster

Azure Printed Home claims that its unique building system and 3-D technology allow them to produce homes 70% faster than other building methods.

This, of course, is a tremendous amount of time difference. But it seems they can do this because they use 3-D printed technology to print out a home’s shell within 24 hours.

Azure Printed Homes Claims To Affordable

Azure Printed Home claims to be 20 to 30% less expensive than existing construction methods. Some of their smaller units are accessory dwelling units that are pretty reasonably priced.

It would probably be cheaper to buy one of their accessory dwelling unit that to try to build it yourself.

Azure Printed Homes Models

Azure Printed Home has several models and configurations you can choose from for your home.

Here are some of our favorite units:

Azure Iris – 180 Square Feet

Azure Iris Model

The Azure Iris is essentially a studio-bedroom accessory dwelling unit. It is 180 ft.², and the starting price is US$43,900.

This is a tiny unit but inside the unit is a bath, shower, small kitchen area, and a living area that converts to a bedroom.

The 180 m² may be too small for many people for full-time living. But it could work well as a guest house or office area.

Azure Marina Model

They offer an Azure Marina that is also a studio is 360 square feet. The Marina has a bedroom, kitchen, living space, and bath. The price of the Azure Marina is listed as starting at 85.900 USD.

Azure Sky Studio Model

If you want just a small room and do not need a bathroom and kitchen, you can buy the Azure Sky Studio, which is 120 square feet and starts at 26,900 USD. They suggest that the sky backyard studio could be used as a home office, artist studio, yoga room, fitness studio, meditation room, recording studio, and gaming room.

Azure Coral – 540 Square Feet

If Azure Iris or any other options they offer is too small for you, you can look at the Azer Coral, which is 450 ft.². This unit provides quite a bit more than the others but is also more expensive, starting at US$125,900.

The Azure Coral has a bedroom with a closet, bath, laundry, storage and utility area, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Essentially it is a small one-bedroom unit.

If that is still too small for you, they have other units, including the Azure Ocean at 720 ft.², which includes an oversized bedroom, living bath, and laundry area.

Or they have an Azure Sapphire, a two-bedroom unit with one bath, but it has quite a bit of closet, utility area, laundry, kitchen, and living room space. The Azure Sapphire starts at $204,900.

We feel like Azure Printed Homes is a company we should watch. They offer some unique options, but more than that, they have a unique way of manufacturing homes using 3-D printing technology.

We also love how they are working on using sustainable recycled materials with their printed 3-D homes.

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